Vacuum Pumping Systems

Epoxy Plants - (Mixing, De-aerating & Casting)

In order to obtain void-free epoxy castings with low partial discharge and good du-electric strength suitable for use at high voltage it is necessary, among other things, to mix the resin & pre-dried filler well, to de-aerate it by vacuum and finally to pour it, also in vacuum.

The mixing chamber with circular cone-shaped bottom is heated with an oil jacket, the temperature being measured and controlled continuously. The temperature of the wall is hence uniform. A stirrer with baffle rotating at the correct speed which gives shearing action causes thorough resin filler mixing. The agitation exposes all the mix to vacuum& thus degassing is thorough. The mixing paddle drive is with 3 phase motor & reduction gear. The shaft seal is robust rotary seal with tapered roller bearings. The pouring valve is made of P.T.F.E. (Teflon) & this makes cleaning easy. Trap is used to very effective stop abrasive filler particles from entering & ruining the vacuum pump.

Water-cooled trap is provided for preventing volatile hardeners from entering the vacuum pump. Pouring chamber can be heated or unheated as required. Rotary turntable with vacuum-tight rotary seal or chain & sprocket driven trolley or rails allows the moulds to be positioned below the pouring spout without breaking vacuum.

Epoxy mixing & de-aerating plant: Medium size epoxy vacuum mixing plant for use in the laboratories of a progressive Electrical Manufacturer can handle from 5 kg to 200 kg of Resin-filler gardner mix. It is very versatile being able to handle solid or liquid resins hot or cold processing. Temperatures fro 160oC to room temperature are possible. A vacuum of 1 torr is easily obtained. the use of the plant enables void-free castings to be obtained.

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