Vacuum Impregnation Plants


  • Resin saving single or multiple insert vessels with individual filling and level monitoring.
  • Resin saving bottom piece extension for armature shaft.
  • Compressed air system to feed oil-free filtered and dried air during pressurization.
  • Vacuum System

    Quality vacuum pumps and accessories.


    Filter on return resin line.


    Good insulation as well as protection from ambient conditions is vital for electrical equipment. Impregnation under vacuum using various resins and varnishes is the best solution for this purpose. Typical applications are electromagnetic coils, small transformers, instrument transformers, chokes, sintered bushes and similar products. For applications such as large motors and generators, high voltage transformers, special transformers, etc., it is required to apply pressure after impregnation.

    Main Components


    A vacuum tight vessel with bolt-clamp or boltless quick clamping flanges can be provided. The mechanism can be manual or hydraulically actuated. This is possible can be offered with a heating/cooling jacket or a limpet coil. Safety pressure release valves are provided.


    Vacuum- tight manual, automatic and anti suck back valves.

    Control Panel

    Centralized control panel with electrical switchgear and an illuminated flow diagram.

    Instrumentation & Automation

    A wide choice of control and monitoring equipments can be offered to suit customer requirements. Advanced data logging and report generation system can be provided with matching transduvers, transmitters and instrumentation to match. PC based or programmable logic controlled, full automatic system can be offered. Intelligent program features such as "Abnormal Process Time Warning", Alpha-Numeric Alarm Annunciations, "Assurance Hol Poin Interlocks" can be provided. Operator Dialogue Facility, Paging, Networking etc. can be afford too.


    Certain resin may contain volatile and explosive solvents/vescosity diluents. Heating is never recommended in such a case.