Transformer Oil Filtration Machines

In the manufacture of electrical components and equipments such as Transformers, Switch gear etc. the use of insulating oils, such as Mineral Transformer oil, becomes indispensable. The Dielectrical properties of this oil may vary depending on the content of the Gas, Moisture, Suspended Particles, and other contaminants. Even new oil absorbs gas and moisture while in storage. Prior to its use, therefore, it has to be reconditioned. Reconditioning and purification of the oil is also necessary due to absorption of gas and moisture during service and due to development of ageing products. V.P.I. Mfg. Co. Ltd. manufacturers a variety of plants for the purification and reconditioning of the mineral Transformer oil to relevant specifications. these plants cover the entire range of low, medium , high and extra high voltage equipment such as transformers. The emphasis is always on the user requirements and thus all the plants are tailored to suit the customer specifications. These plants of various design and capacities carry out the following operations:

  • Removal of suspended particles by filtering,
  • Degassing and dehumidification,
  • Flushing and cleaning of transformers,
  • De-acidification

Degassing chamber: A vacuum chamber with special packed columns to degas the oil. This can be in single or multiple stages.
Vacuum pumping System: Quality high vacuum pumps and accessories.
Filters: Easy to replace cartridge filters or back flushable edge filters. Capable to size-filter the oil to rated micron size.
Heating system: Tube and shell constructed, indirect type(heaters placed in protection tubes), gentle heating exchangers, Division of power in groups with selective thermostatic controls for larger capacities.
Inlet pump: Vacuum-tight trouble-free positive displacement gear pump.
Outlet pump: Special Mono-block/Glandless/Canned Motor/Centrifugal pump.
Valves: Vacuum-tight manual, automatic and anti-suckback valves.
Control panel: Centralized control panel with electrical switchgear and an illuminated flow of diagram.

Basic Selection
Single flow pass or Multiple flow pass
Stationary or Mobili on a trailor/vehicle chasis
Weather proof for out-door duty or Without Weather - proofing (Indoor -Duty)

Also Available
Purification plants for special oils such as Silicone Oils, Refrigeration Oils and capacitor oils like PXE etc. Total solution for oil handling system of small and large capacities with filling stations, filtration system, test laboratories, centralised operation and data logging system etc.

Continuos deoxigenation plant as a permanent attachment to large power transformers. Extends Transformers life by continuous purification.