Vacuum Drying Autoclaves

Salient Features

Dimensions: Vacuum Drying autoclaves up to 15 Mtr length, 6 Mtr width and 6 Mtr height are manufactured. These are structured to withstand the tempreture and vacuum cycles, while maintaining the process requirements. The autoclaves can have horizontal or Vertical Orientation.

Door Operation
Manual (for smaller sizes), winch driven or Hydraulically Operated door systems are available. Manual as well as hydraulic clamping can be provided. Various safety interlocks can also be provided as required

Heating System:
For medium and large autoclaves, it is customary to employ radiators with thermic fluid heating. Certain customers may have factory premises with standardised thermic fluid heating facility. In such cases, the autoclave heating system can be adopted to the same. We normally provide tube and shell constructed, indirect type (Electrical heaters placed in protection tubes), gentle heating exchangers. Division of power in groups with selective thermostatic controls for larger capacities is a standard feature. Of Course, more sophisticated controlling systems such as TIC, Band width PID controllers etc. can be offered. For smaller sizes of Autoclaves, direct heating can also be provided although anu of the above options are available.

If required a clooling (exchanger) facility with necessary valving can be provided.

Vacuum Systems:
The main purpose of this system is to evacuate and thereby ectract moisture from the job. Vacuum pump capacities are selected depe0nding on the working cacuum requirements of the system. Vapour condensers of requisite sizes with water cooling are provided. This sytem can be manual semi or fully automatic.

Instrumentation and Automation:
A wide choice of control and monitoring equipment can be offered to suit customer requirements, Advanced data logging and report generation system can be provided with matching transducers, transmitters and instrumentation. PC based or programmable logic controlled, fully automatic system can be offered. Oprerator dialog facility, Paging, Networking etc. can be offered.

Other Facilities
1. In automated systems: a. Syclic scavenging facility can be provided during air heating phase. b. Automatic vacuum control along with periodic auto-drain to avoid re-evaporation in the condensers can be provided.
2. Insulating oil handling and filling systems complete with under-vacuum storage facility can be provided.
3. Accessories such as chilling plants, trolleys, hydraulically operated rail-bridges etc. can be provided.

Autoclaves with systems suitable for vapour phase drying are oggered. In recent years, Vacuum Plant & Instruments Mfg. Co. Ltd. has been associated with world leaders Micafil of Switzerland to install modern solvent-vapour phase drying system.